Terms and conditions


The following terms and conditions shall be applied for packages offered and delivered during the 24h Event by the 24H of Arvidsjaur Team (“hereinafter referred to as the “24HOAT”) in following destinations: Arvidsjaur, Swedish Lapland and any other area of where the services are delivered.



Services and Prices:

The prices and the services offered and to be delivered by 24HOAT under these Terms & Conditions for the packages are set out in the program descriptions. 24HOAT reserves the right to change the prices in case of any unforeseen increases in costs (including but not limited to taxes, fuel prices etc.) beyond the control of 24HOAT.



Reservation received by 24HOAT is considered as confirmed upon reservation confirmation send by 24HOAT to the consumer. Payment options will be presented in our offers, or in case of reservations made on the spot, during the booking process.


Payment terms:

Entry fee must be transferred as a deposit by October 31, 2020

The remaining amount by November 30, 2020


Cancellation terms:

If it turns out by October 31, 2020 that there are not enough registrations (at least 15 teams), the deposit of 4,750.00 EUR will be transferred back directly after this deadline. The Arvidsjaur 24h then does not take place. 

If the number of registrations enables the planning to progress, the deposit is parked as a binding for this event purpose. i.e. In this case, a refund of the deposit is no longer possible. As a result, the remaining amounts of the team and driver registration are due in two further instalments as described under team or driver registration. Should it still not be possible to implement the event in 2021 due to the Covid 19 Virus, the registration for the team will remain valid until it is possible. The alternative date for Weather or Covid 19 reasons will be the 05.-08.03.2020. An extra Travel-insurance is recommended. *please visit good to know 

For cancellations, please contact info@24h-ajr.com and refer to your booking. Or call +46 (0)72 231 5455.



All changes or alterations to be made to the reservation shall be made in writing within office hours in Sweden. The requested changes are subject to the written approval of 24HOAT.


Child Policy:

For children of age 4-14 years 24HOAT will apply special child rates on request.





Service language

Language used during all services is German and English if not otherwise stated or agreed.



Participants take part in the event at their own risk. You bear the sole responsibility under civil and criminal law for

personal injury, property damage and financial damage caused by you or the vehicle you drive. By submitting the entry

form, applicants and drivers declare that they are waiving any claims against the organiser and the various agents acting

on behalf of the organiser.


NOTE! Take your driving license with you.


Force Majeure

24HOAT is not liable for any default, damage or loss due to a condition force majeure or to unreasonable impairment of the Party’s operations due to a similar cause (including but not limited to government decisions, war, strike, weather, lack of snow, epidemic, pandemic, or other natural condition etc.). If encountered a force majeure condition 24HOAT shall notify the other party and keep the other party informed of the continuance of the force majeure condition and of any relevant change of circumstances whilst such force majeure continues. When encountered a force majeure condition each party shall take all reasonable steps available to it to minimize the effects of the force majeure on the performance of their obligations under this contractual relationship. If a force majeure condition occurs 24HOAT has the right to move the event whereby no additional costs shall apply for the other party.



If any part, term or provision of these terms and conditions is partly or wholly held invalid, illegal or unenforceable, the validity or enforceability of other provisions, extent part and remainder of these terms and conditions shall remain in full force and effect.


Contacting us

If you would like to contact us concerning any matter relating to this, you may do so via the contact form, send an email to info@24h-ajr.com or write a letter to Hedgatan 20, 93333 Arvidsjaur Sweden

This document was last updated on October 3, 2020