Team vehicles

Each team has registered two street-legal vehicles in the same vehicle class. A vehicle change takes place at the same
time for every driver change, refuelling or service stop. At the 4h and 24h of Arvidsjaur, only one of the two team
vehicles and not both will be on the track at the same time. If a team only has one ready-to-drive vehicle before or during
the event, this team is still allowed to participate in all the following sessions, but the team must be aware of the
disadvantages brought on by this particular circumstance.
**Endurance work of a single vehicle over 24 hours can lead to major damage to the engine and transmission. (See also
deductible of the vehicle rental company)


Participants take part in the event at their own risk. You bear the sole responsibility under civil and criminal law for
personal injury, property damage and financial damage caused by you or the vehicle you drive. By submitting the entry
form, applicants and drivers declare that they are waiving any claims against the organiser and the various agents acting
on behalf of the organiser.


The vehicle owner consents to the participation of the vehicle specified in the nomination in the event and declares the
waiver of claims of any kind for damages that arise in connection with the event and all persons involved in the racing
Everything that is not expressly permitted in these regulations is therefore prohibited!
The organiser reserves the right to issue notices in writing to specify the rules and regulations (as bulletins posted at the
driver information board in the Sami Tipi, by e-mail or WhatsApp to the team manager), even during the ongoing event.

Event Language

English and German